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The idiocy of those given to a life of chosen ignorance is beyond comprehension sometimes. At this point, it’s no longer ignorance but stupidity in its most obstinate form.

Issue at hand: If you don’t want to be treated as a child, don’t let yourself be infantilized and treated as if you know nothing. Grow a backbone and put your foot down. Voice your disapproval. Don’t just stand there and whine about it, asking your Facebook friends for virtual hugs and sympathetic “there, there’s.” Do something, you dumb cow.
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Okay. I hate writing journals with the fiery passion of 1000 tomatoes or something else that is extremely angry with life, you people just don't know it yet. Anyway, I decided to go to sleep at almost 8am (because someone, not pointing fingers or anything Michelle kept me awake) so I was obviously tired and sleeping when my mum bursts into the room at 1pm, hardly a time to wake up. That is only a few hours sleep but that doesn't matter, what is more important is the fact that she -- being an awful person with money -- decided to buy tickets for Download, spending 250 ($379 US or $384 Canadian) after already spending the same amount on Leeds festival. She is always saying, this will be the last year to go to festivals after going to Leeds for two years in a row and seeing a wonderful variety of bands. Though I doubt this is the case, we've become addicted to seeing music live and I wouldn't have written this if I was just going to Leeds but I felt the need, see at Download or well, the day I'm going. 30STM are going to be there and anybody that knows me really well, apart from the obvious fact Jared is a fc of one of my characters, knows I have an addicted to the band which meant I sat there, tiredly flailing my arms and singing in German (not randomly, I had a reason.)

Anyway, I'm so freaking excited. This is the first time I've been genuinely happy since I found out MCR split up. I know, I know, that's a little 'sad.' Getting so worked over just a band. But you see, they weren't just a band to me, they were my band, my coping mechanism for when I was down or lonely. I had loved them for six years since The Black Parade came out and suddenly gone and people expect me to get over it in a few days? I don't think they realise how much they meant to me so let me sad and depressed for weeks and don't tell me not to make it worse for myself because there is no possible way this could get any worse unless one of my four Idols dies.

But back to the subject at hand which isn't my despair. I am stoked to go see all these bands live, even if I've seen 30STM live already, I can't wait.

Leeds; Biffy Clyro, Nine Inch Nails, Fallout Boy, The Lumineers, Editors, Hadouken!
Download; Rammstein, Thirty Seconds To Mars, The Gaslight Anthem, Stone Sour, Parkway Drive, Five Finger Death Punch, Coal Chamber, Cancer bats, Sacred Mother Tongue

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